Curriculum vitae – 2020

Contact Information

Address: China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Building 22, Room 905, No. 8 Huajiadi South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing City, China.

Mobile: +86-13811645005
E-mail: 542429751@qq.com, lhaiping1212@hotmail.com
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Post-Doctoral, 03/2017 to present, China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Humanities School. Major: Art History and Art Theories; Research topic: “Fresco and Cloister: Italian Renaissance Art and Space”.

Ph.D, 2008-2012, CAFA, Humanities School. Major: Western Modern and Contemporary Art Research; Thesis topic: “‘Return to Painting’: The Emergence of German Neo-Expressionism and its Influence on Chinese Contemporary Art”.

M. A., 2005-2008, CAFA, Humanities School. Major: European Pre-Modern Art History and Art History Methodology; Thesis topic: “Correggio in the Early 16th Century Italian Renaissance.”

B.A., 1995-1999, Xidian University, Computer College. Major: Computer Science and Application, Xian City, China.

Grants and Workshops

Post-Doctoral and Senior Fellow of Terra Foundation for American Art: Project: “American Women Artists’ Paintings in the 1970s”, 08/2015 – 10/2015, USA.

Summer Seminar “Understanding Space in Renaissance Italy: Art, Architecture, and Urbanism”, Harvard Renaissance Center Villa I Tatti and Getty Foundation, 06-07/2014, Florence, Italy.

Advanced Workshop for Western Art and Art History: A Teaching and Research Institute, China Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Henry Luce Foundation and Tsinghua University Art School, 05/2011, Hangzhou City, China.


08/2012 to present, Lecturer, Shandong University of Arts, Fine Arts School, Art History Department, Jinan City, China.

03/2017 to present, Guest Lecturer, Renmin University of China, Arts School, Design Department, Teaching course: Western Modern and Contemporary Art.

Undergraduate Courses I have taught from 08/2012 to present

1. General Foreign Art History
2. Western Art History (European and American)
3. Western Art Theories
4. Western Modern Art History
5. Contemporary Art (Western and China)
6. Art History Documents
7. History of Western Aesthetics
8. English for Art History
9. Art History Writing
10. History and Methodology of Western Art History
11. Chinese Modern Art
12. Chinese Ancient Art Theories
13. Renaissance Art Research
14. Modern and Contemporary Art (Western) for Design Students.


1. Books

‘Return’ to Painting: Neo-Expressionism and Chinese Contemporary Art, 30,000 words, People’s Publishing House, 08/2020.

Art and Space: Twelve Frescoes in Renaissance Florence, 26,000 words, Hunan Art Press, 12/2020.

2. Articles

“Come or Return? Andrea del Sarto and The Journey of Magi”, Art and Design Research (CSSCI), Vol. 3, pp. 91-101, 3/2019.

“Basilica della Santissima Annunziata and Frescoes of Andrea del Sarto”, Architecture Journal (CSSCI), Vol. 4, pp. 103-109, 04/2018.

“The Contemporary Challenges to Historical Paintings”, Art Magazine (CSSCI), Vol. 8, pp. 14-17, 08/2018.

“Making History by Image: Chinese Contemporary Historical Painting”, Painting Art 4, Vol. 3, pp. 65-72, 09/2015.

“German Neo-Expressionistic Artists: Two Generations and Three Cities”, Painting Art 3, Vol. 2, pp. 112-121,06/2015.

“German Neo-Expressionism: Emergence and Influence”, Painting Art 2, Vol. 1, pp. 96-105, 03/2015.

“Three Paradox of New Media Art: Situation and Issues” Art History Research (forthcoming).

“Expansion of Multimedia Experiment Art: Liang Lampo’s works”, Art Interview (Marco), Vol. 6, pp. 90-93, 06/2014.

“Wu Guan Zhong”, Burlington Magazine, Vol. 5, pp. 348-349, May 2009. second author with David Carrier.

“Free Realism: LU Yang’s Oil Painting”, Art Monthly Magazine, Vol. 8, pp. 62-65, 08/2009.

“Seek New Truth: A Young Woman Sculptor”, Art Guide Magazine, Vol. 6, pp. 19-32, 06/2006.

3. Articles in Catalogues and Edited Volumes

“People’s Art: Gu Yuan Chinese Modern Wood Engraving”, in Red Mountains: New China Arts 60 Years, 1949 to 2009, pp. 1-9, editor: Shao Da-zhen, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, 09/2009.

“70 years Art adventure: Chinese Modern Artist Wang-qi”, in book: Red Mountains: New China Arts 60 Years, 1949 to 2009, pp. 104-111, editor: Shao Da-zhen, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, 09/2009.

“Mannerism”, in “Chapter 7: Italian Renaissance”, in New Edition Foreign Art History University Textbook, pp. 62-64, China Youth Press, 2007.

“Post-impressionism”, in Chapter 6 of Western Art History University Textbook, Guang Xi Normal University Press, pp. 92-98, 2009.

“Seek Eternal Beauty: Ingres’s Drawing”, in the catalogue: Jean-Auguste Ingres’ Drawings, pp. 4-7, 9000 words, Jilin Art Publishing House, 2008.

“Express the Splendid Life”, in the catalogue: Gustav Klimt, pp. 4-7, 8000 words, Jilin Art Publishing House, 2008.

“Catch Flashy Light and Shadow of Paris”, in the catalogue: Edgar Degas, pp. 4-7, 8000 words, Jilin Art Publishing House, 2007.

“Open the Gate of Modern Painting”, in the catalogue: Paul Cezanne, pp. 4-7, 8000 words, Jilin Art Publishing House, 2007.

“Enter the Impression”, in the catalogue: Mary Cassat, pp. 4-7, 8000 words, Jilin Art Publishing House, 2007.

“Drown to Beauty of Landscape”,in catalogue: Alfred Sisley, pp. 4-7, 8000 words, Jilin Art Publishing House, 2007;
also in catalogue: Alfred Sisley 1839-1899, pp. 4-7, Jilin Art Publishing House, 2010.

4. Translations (from English to Chinese)

“Interpretation: Remaking Passport, Visual thoughts in the Debate on Multiculturalism”, 2,500 words, by Nestor Garcia, in Qi Lu Art Journal (Journal of Shandong University of Arts), Vol. 1, pp. 76-80, 01/2015.

“Imperial Landscape”, 40,000 words, by W. J. T. Mitchell, in New Art History and Theory, pp. 112-138, Jiangsu Art Publishing House, 2009.

“Capitalism, Modernism and Post-Modernism”, 30,000 words, by Terry Eagleton (forthcoming).

27 translated articles published in World Art Magazine (journal of CAFA), on Western Art History, Contemporary Art, Art Theories, Art Review, Exhibitions and Collections, ca. 8000 words each, 300,000 words in total, from 03/2006 to 03/2020.

Conference Presentations

2014, Nov. 14-16, “Italian Renaissance Art in Real Space”, at the conference “From Vision to Art: The Turn of Art History Research and Patterns of Knowledge: The 8th Annual Art History Meeting of National Colleges and Universities (China)”, hosted by Sichuan University, Arts School, Chengdu, China.

2016, Dec. 22-23, “Remaking History by Image: Rethinking Chinese Contemporary Historical Painting”, at the conference “Paradigm and Other Methods: The 8th Annual Art History Meeting of National Colleges and Universities (China)”, hosted by Tianjin Academy of Fine Art, Art and Humanities School, Tianjin, China.

2017, Sept. 9-10, “An Architecture and an Artist: SS. Annunziata and Andrea del Sarto”, at the conference “17: the 7th International Symposium on World Architectural History Teaching and Research”, hosted by South China University of Technology, Architecture School, Guangzhou, China.

2018, June 10, “The Contemporary Challenges of Historical Painting”, at the conference “Contemporary Thematic Art Creation”, hosted by Sichuan University, Arts School, Chengdu, China.

2019, Nov. 15-17, “Journey of the Magi and Andrea del Sarto”, at the conference “Renaissance and Late Middle Ages: The 7th National Forum on Renaissance Ideas”, hosted by Zhejiang University, Foreign Languages School, Hangzhou, China.

2020, Oct. 23-24, “High Renaissance: Rosselli and Cosimo, the Turn of Vasari Critic”, at the conference “The 8th National Forum on Renaissance Ideas”, hosted by Tongji University and Wenzhou University, Humanities School, Wenzhou, China.

Volunteer Work

10/2011-11/2013, Stiftung Mercator Schweiz China Group (German Mercator Foundation), for “Enlightenment Art Series Forums and Salon”, Volunteer, Beijing, China.

03/2011-07/2012, National Art Museum of China (NOMAC), English guide, interpreter and exhibition assistant, Volunteer, Beijing, China.

09/2011-01/2012, Project Assistant and Researcher in the CAFA Foundation Preparatory Office, CAFA, Beijing, China

09/2007, Reporter at the “World Design Conference”, CAFA Design School, Beijing.

10-11/2007, volunteer work in the CAFA Undergraduate Education Evaluation Office, Beijing, China.

09-11/2007, Interpreter and Exhibition Assistant at the Germany-China Contemporary Art Forum and Exhibition, Beijing, China, and Kassel.

09/2008-09/2010, English teacher for “Chinese Language for Contemporary Art”, CAFA, Beijing, China.
Human Right Volunteer

Organized the online group “Preventing and Recovering from Domestic Violence”, 2010 to present, to help both sides, victims and abusers, who are involved in domestic violence.


Chinese: Native, fluent, Mandarin Proficiency Test Level 2-A (good enough be a professional broadcaster).

English: Fluent in speaking, writing and translation.

German: Good, B1 level.

Italian: Reading, B1 level. Latin: basic.

French: basic.


Drawing and oil painting, literature, poetry, oral and written translation; Chinese calligraphy and painting, theater and film, dancing, swimming.